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Solar Power Home Lighting Grid Tie and off Grid , Solar Street Lamps/ Garden Lamps Pathway Lamps , Solar Bollard / Ground lamp Road signing studs, Solar traffic lights / Flood lights / Spot lamps, Solar Modules and Components, Container free fabricated cabins for site office / Restaurants / Cafeteria / Site Office

ENRICHER HOLDINGS PVT,LTD , located in Colombo city western province in Sri Lanka, mainly engaged in Fabrication/construction ,Import , reselling and service providing of photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic-solar lamps and photovoltaic power generation system , free fabricated office cubicles. Since foundation in 2002 years, ENRICHER has been engaged in developing to meet the various demands for the solar products and solutions / fabricated containers from various markets all over the Island and Maldives country.. Our devotion in introducing new inventions and new technology into the marketplace and our commitment to our customers and continued investment in facilities and equipments has allowed ENRICHER to develop into a market leader in the green energy field. With the advanced machine and exquisite solar energy technology, the company professionally implementing high quality products under strict quality control system. Our products